HH2H Media Group maximizes your hold time: Your On-Hold Brand-Marketing production is comprised of short prompts playing continually - with each specifically designed to fit perfectly into the average hold time of 33 seconds.

This distinctive setup allows callers on-hold to hear a message in its entirety - resulting in callers being more likely to act on what they hear. Furthermore, it's your gurantee that even regular callers will hear something new. Some examples:

Brand Identity
Evangelize company's heritage, & polish your brand's identity with on hold callers
Upcoming Events
Inform callers about upcoming events and - grow revenues.
Website Details
Inform on hold callers about special coupons, promo codes and web details.
Current Offers-Promotions
Increase caller awareness with prompts for current offers - promotions.
Latest News
Educate your callers on media highlights, press releases and news articles.
New Products-Services
Inform customers about new products and services whilst on hold.
Establish competency with on hold callers - announce your achievements.
Tell on hold callers how to contact you - give your location & address, hours etc.
Social Media
Increase web traffic by prompting on hold callers to like and follow your business.

Unparalleled Service

Your acoustic branding package will be created based on your requirements and will include:

Innovative copywriting that communicates your message.
State-of-the-art music track that matches the heart and soul of your business.
An industry leading voiceover artist who matches your brands voice
Expert audio production form our in house voice and music team
Out professionally trained engineer will come and install at your place of business
All license costs
Regular updates to engage your callers
Long term support from a dedicated account manager

H2H Solutions

H2H Media Group is North America's leading On-Hold Marketing provider, with over 2000 clients and fair, affordable pricing we create quality productions designed for your business and executed by professional copywriters, voiceover artists and sound producers.
The addition of H2H Media Group's After-Hours Messaging to your phone system, will reduce lost sales enquiries by informing out-of-hours callers about your hours of operation, sales promotions, special offers and much more.
The right auto attendant by H2H Media Group will improve caller satisfaction levels, & reduce administrative costs with effective auto attendant voicing. If your phone has an auto attendant or IVR system you need professional voice recordings to give clear directions to your callers.


Happy 2 Hold Media Group LLC is an industry leader in on hold messaging, on hold marketing, and acoustic branding. Give us a call, and ask us for your free slot today. We make bespoke message on hold productions, voice mails, greetings, recordings, voice on hold, hold button, and brand music tracks for SMB's and the Fortune 500.

Note: H2H - we make your callers "Happy 2 Hold.™"