is Director of Business Development U.S. for H2H Media Group. He's passionate about acoustic branding, and loves traveling with his wife and daughter.
is VP of Sales for H2H. A B2B veteran, Karym brings years of experience to H2H. When Karym's not busy working at H2H you can find him courtside at a Knicks game.
is Director of IT and handles most technical matters at H2H - a great valuable team member he enjoys playing cricket, loves a good curry, and is loved by both our team and & clients.
is the Director of Voice and Music and brings many years of experience to H2H having worked at some of the largest on hold messaging firms from around the globe.

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With H2H Media Group, your acoustic brand is secure in the hands of the best and brightest talent the Big Apple has to offer.
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Brand * Voice * Audio

Enhance your corporate image and invest in the Complete Acoustic Branding Solution (CABS). CABS include On-Hold Marketing, After Hours Messaging and Auto Attendant Voicing.
On-Hold Marketing

On-Hold Marketing

After Hours

After Hours

Auto Attendant

Auto Attendant

A Valuable Return on Your Investment

Acoustic Branding is proven to deliver measurable results.

Valuable ROI

Acoustic Branding is proven to deliver measurable results.


Callers are a captive audience who act on what they hear.


Gives information on products, services, and promotions.


Acoustic branding leads to a valuable growth in revenue.


Happy 2 Hold Media Group LLC is an industry leader in on hold messaging, on hold marketing, and acoustic branding. Give us a call, and ask us for your free slot today. We make bespoke message on hold productions, voice mails, greetings, recordings, voice on hold, hold button, and brand music tracks for SMB's and the Fortune 500.

Note: H2H - we make your callers "Happy 2 Hold.™"