67% of callers
67% of callers
feel more appreciated if they hear bespoke music and voice messaging whilst on-hold.
57% of callers
57% of callers
are put on hold. Bespoke on hold messaging can mitigate consumer frustration and keep callers on the line longer.
43% of callers
43% of callers
are retained by firms who use acoustic brand-tracks which are bespoke and skillfully mixed.
24% of owners
24% of owners
in OHMA survey attributed sales to acoustic brand messaging.
Some of the world's largest brands trust us to create the very best in voice and music production.
What is your brand communicating to your customers today? Is the message being conveyed reflective of your brand's identity?
Large or Small
Large or Small
We work with some of the largest most recognizable brands, and we work with hundreds of small to medium sized business from every sector of the global market.
Whether you need to pick a restaurant with your colleagues for lunch, set up a project meeting at work, or go for movie night out with your closest friends, Ignite changes the social interaction paradigm. From a time consuming back and forth process, Ignite takes you to a smooth, hassle and rejection free model by enabling you to pitch gathering ideas that turn real when you gain enough interest.
/Baby Doctors
We are Baby Doctors, which is a medical on-demand house call service. We target parents who need immediate access to a pediatrician for their sick child. With the touch of a button on a mobile app, a pediatric professional arrives at the parent's door within 60 minutes of the booking.
Atomli provides extremely granular, precise and reliable predictions of sales volumes for consumer and packaged goods manufacturers, distributors and retailers.
/Project Expidition
Project Expedition is your discovery and booking resource for things to do in adventure destinations around the world. Created with the purpose of helping you make informed decisions about your travel, Project Expedition allows you to compare tours and activities in a fair and unbiased manner and book your adventures before you hit the ground.
Find Your Best Fit - HireArt HireArt matches talented customer facing people with forward-thinking companies.
GenePeeks is a breakthrough genetic information company that uses proprietary technology to identify and eliminate the risk of passing on serious diseases to future children.
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Additional Services

We are often asked by clients if we could assist with other projects. Also, as part of our Platinum Package we include some of the services highlighted below.

Social Media
Our service is able to take control of as much or as little of your social media marketing campaign as you need to help you increase your brand awareness, search engine ranks and revenue.
Web Design
At Happy 2 Hold Media Group, we have a clear and complete understanding of what it takes to create successful website design for business professionals. We will design and develop a custom web solution allowing your business to flourish..
Branding & Logo Design
The custom designs of H2H MG have a long standing reputation of effectively summarizing a company’s business philosophy while clearly identifying areas of expertise into their customized logo and brand creation services.
SEO Services
The way people gather information has increased the need to have a strong web presence. People no longer look in the newspaper or yellow pages to find businesses they desire, they go straight to the internet and type in what they are looking for. It is a valuable asset to have your business at the top of search engine results within your field.


Happy 2 Hold Media Group LLC is an industry leader in on hold messaging, on hold marketing, and acoustic branding. Give us a call, and ask us for your free slot today. We make bespoke message on hold productions, voice mails, greetings, recordings, voice on hold, hold button, and brand music tracks for SMB's and the Fortune 500.

Note: H2H - we make your callers "Happy 2 Hold.™"